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We’re always performing!

Throughout the year we have many Feely Piano Concerts, wherein we offer students the opportunity to perform!  They perform as often as possible during your in home piano lesson once a month, as well..  Did you know that we have a partnership with Music Education for the Young at Heart? We’ll tell you more, later!

Each year we hold a minimum of two, free, concerts per city.  Recently we performed at the Kitchener Public Library where we had a great turn out of 60 parents!

Concerts are free to attend, and all Feely Piano teachers prepare students to bow, announce their song, perform, and bow again! Overall, it’s great to teach kids how to present as it is useable in many areas of life.

We offer free concerts, and performance opportunities every month!

  • On the last Sunday of every month, we offer a free performance opportunity at our partner in Mississauga, Studio 89! This is a great place to perform in a low key, relaxed environment that has a cafe, chalk colouring tables for our younger audience members, and awesome to meet other people!
  • Twice a year we hold large free year end concerts in all of our major cities.
  • In our Feely Piano School method, each month students set milestones and perform in their home for their family members.

Our piano teachers perform, too!

Not only do our students perform, but our teachers do as well.  Feely Piano Concerts feature teachers who show students how they can grow, and many of our teachers are role models as well.  When students witness their teachers play, they can become inspired to learn with more passion.

Our teachers who perform most often are Ash, Emilee, and Rebekah! Some of our piano lesson teachers are in University, so they perform often for school and RCM exams. 

at piano
at piano

Feely Piano and Music Education for the Young at Heart

Feely Piano Concerts happen at hospitals, retirement homes, schools and cafe’s too!  Our new partnership with Music Education for the Young at Heart allows our students to prepare songs and music appreciation talks.  Students can work with their in home piano lesson teachers to create stories in music that they can share with elders. We find this is a great way to encourage collaboration between those that are young and those that are old!

Book a lesson today, and play tomorrow.

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