Step right up for our Concert for Valentines Day Piano Kitchener

Imagine yourself performing a love song for that perfect occasion – what would you play for your loved one?

Feely Piano School is having a piano recital for all Feely Piano studio teachers and students in our Waterloo, Guelph, Paris and Kitchener piano lesson locations.

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What’s so important about performing piano anyways?

There are so many benefits to performing in the community! Here are some top benefits of performing piano in front of others:

  • Helps piano students overcome presenting challenges in front of others
  • Prepares students for future job, professional and leisure presentations
  • It’s exciting! Our Waterloo piano students love meeting each other.

Music is social! It should be shared together.


What to look forward to with our Valentines Day Piano Concert Kitchener

Valentines Day Piano Concert Kitchener

Valentines Day Piano Concert Kitchener

All students are invited to perform, even adults.

Get ready to take some photos. We believe music is social, and should be shared with your family. We will be taking photos, and feel free to take some as well.

Perform for your family and friends – invite your family to celebrate your work while you meet other piano students in Waterloo!

All students performing at the Valentines Day Piano Concert Kitchener will receive a free Feely Piano Sticker Valentines Gift. Visit our musical sticker shop here.




Ready to take piano lessons and perform with our Waterloo music school?

We’re always taking new students in our Waterloo and Kitchener in home piano lesson school!  To enroll, or have more information on our piano lesson costs Waterloo visit here.


Valentines Day Piano Concert Kitchener details.

Date & Time

Start Date: Thursday, 14 February 2019

Time:7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location & Venue

Central Kitchener Public Library Theatre

85 Queen St. N., Kitchener ON, N2H 2H1


Additional Detail:All Ages | Free


See you there!

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