Studio 89 Piano Performances and Free Lesson

Dear Feely Piano Lesson students, we’re pumped for our upcoming Studio 89 Piano Performances and free lesson in Mississauga!  This is an opportunity for all piano lesson students to perform songs they are working on for others.  If you are preparing for an piano RCM exam, maybe this could be a time for you to prepare your first “airing out” of your songs.  If you are playing a recent pop song, could you perform it for your fans?  Whatever your purpose to play piano is, we welcome you to this open jam session for piano lesson students!

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What is Studio 89?

Studio 89 i s an eco-focused coffeehouse & cafe with homey decor & various community events, game nights & workshops.  It’s the perfect relaxed atmosphere for piano lesson concerts, and students can expect a fun atmosphere.

Studio 89 Piano Concert Mississauga details:

March 31st

1065 Canadian Pl #104, Mississauga, ON L4W 0C2


The concert will be on a piano keyboard supplied by Feely Piano School

See us in the Missauga newspaper, here!

Join us also for free lessons on this day! Show up to Studio 89 with your questions and our on site teachers!  We’ll take a few minutes to show you some new piano challenges and to solve your questions.

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Want to come to the concert, or book a piano lesson? With low risk guarentee, check out our fees here.

What to expect for Studio 89 Piano Performances and Free Lesson

Typically we enjoy when students, teachers and parents perform sometime, too!  Students prepare for performances with their teachers and rehearsals in their own lessons at home.  First things that students will do is speak to their teacher to discuss how to be comfortable presenting.  Secondly, students will perform their songs that are either works in progress, new, or at their most presentable level.  Third thing to note, is there will be piano students of all ages and piano teachers Mississauga represented, and all are welcome!

In conclusion, we want you to have a positive experience playing piano in front of others.  Because of this, we’ll help you every step of the way!

Our Studio 89 Piano Concert Mississauga is on a drop in basis, you don’t need to enroll formally.  We will create a list of students who are playing, and we will be taking photos. Make sure that you are ready to smile!

Sign up for a lesson today, or come see our free concert. It’ll be fun!

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