Imagine this – you are one day waking up in your bed, and that night your waking up in India with your music lesson startup.  Not only this, but you’ve got your business in one hand and your dreams in another.

So, that happened to Feely Piano School in 2019 when we traveled to India.

There are many stories to be told and here in our piano lesson blog is where we’ll release all the juicy details.


music lesson startup Feely Piano

Feely Piano School in India through Carleton University Ottawa

Question 1.

1. What is the Vision of Feely Piano?

Our vision is to create opportunities for people to learn, connect, and create stories of themselves through our online social community and in home lessons.  We reach to provide lessons in homes within multiple instruments throughout Canada.

Question 2.

2. How did you get this thought of enabling Music lessons with Technology?

I began music lesson startup Feely Piano in my students home when I started dating out of city.  The drive to my then partner was long and costly, and I wanted to find a way to make some side cash to help cover the cost of my trip to him.
When I found myself without a piano, I looked for students who wanted lessons in their home!  When the business grew and I started hiring employees, logistics and coordination of all of the business it seemed impossible.  Creating software to facilitate for easier booking and student rewards helps my business run more efficiently while showcasing piano lesson goals and accomplishments.
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What would you bring to India if you could only pack one bag for a month of travel?

Fun fact – I only packed one backpack for my weeks in India. Is that bizarre? I like to travel light.


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