Private Musical Summer Piano Lesson Benefits

Feely Summer School Program incorporates Ontario curriculum into a musical base to create a fun and educational experience. The age 2-10 private in home musical summer school program in Durham offers a wide variety of benefits. In addition our program helps your child excel in school by introducing them early to the  school years content so they can have more time to learn. Hence in home summer school can be the way to go to build a stronger basis to learn off of. This will help them be competitive in later in life when they move on to more difficult topics. Furthermore the private piano one on one tutor will tailor the program to them and their individual needs.



  • More time with the content to learn at an easier rate
  • Better spelling comprehension
  • Better reading skills
  • Reading is the base of all of academics

DIY Piano craft


  • Music is teaches rhythm
  • Primary learning is largely music based
  • Learning fundamentals of reading music
  • Enhances auditory skills

mississauga piano lessons kids


  • Learn math basics
  • One on one tutor for math skills
  • Individual learning program
  • Learning in the summer can increase retention in the summer


“Adrianne enrolled in the Feely piano school since the age of 3. They give her the confidence to blossom into a talented young musician. She also learned the fundamentals of math and reading from her fantastic teacher Megan! Likewise, her brother found the program very helpful in school”


“Deo was falling behind in his reading comprehension. Subsequently, he joined the Feely Piano school and they helped him use his love of all things musical to help him conqueror reading. Then he continued to learn from their highly educated teachers. Finally, Feely Piano is undoubtedly the best in home school.


“Unlike other tutors, Feely piano’s Summer School Program is private in addition to being in our own home so I can care for my new born while my five year old gets a fanatic tutor session. In addition, our teacher Sarah was patient, upbeat, and very knowledgeable.  In conclusion, I can’t wait to enroll my youngest!

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