Mindful in home piano lessons in Waterloo and Kitchener

We provide Mindful in home piano lessons in Waterloo and Kitchener to teach students how to be focused and goal oriented.


Have you ever thought about what makes a piano lesson student succeed or not succeed with lessons? 

It’s hard to motivate people and as a result, we motivate students by making activities more mindful and personalized.

  1.  Students who learn on their own piano keyboard in their home become more familiar with their instrument. When a student learns on their piano they become more comfortable on their instrument. After that, practicing piano becomes part of their routine and thought process.
  2. In our methodology book assignments we provide students with open ended questions.
    • “Did I play piano as much as I wanted to this week? If not, why didn’t I?”

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By setting goals, and self analysis, students learn how to create their own motivation in piano lessons.

“I show my student the different rhythm, sound effects, and instruments on their piano keyboard.  I assign homework using the fun functions, and find students are more motivated to practice piano.” -Melissa, Mindful in home piano lessons in Waterloo and Kitchener teacher.

Students have more choice in how they play piano, homework becomes less of a “have to” and more of a place to relax, be motivated and create too!


What do we recommend for people needing to buy piano keyboard instruments?

Do you need advise on which keyboard to purchase?  Check out Costco, or our website to see our store to purchase piano lesson books and stickers here.

Our methodology teaches mindful in home piano lessons in Waterloo and Kitchener, in addition we use mindfulness in all  lesson activities and homework to create focus.


Piano Lessons At Home Mississauga

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