Top reason to play piano with Feely Piano 

“Our social goal is to create a place for families to take classes, and learn together in the comfort of their home while still being affordable.  We want to give students great lessons and be the top reason to play piano”

Do you know what Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the moon; Albert Einstein, a physicist who won a Nobel Prize in 1921; and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, all have in common? They all played a musical instrument, one top reason to play piano.


How does music influence later life success?

Feely’s piano sessions allow you or your child to appreciate music while psychologically enhancing yourself. Subsequently, learning an instrument gives you tools that help improve your chances of becoming the most successful you. Check out our successful piano teachers here.

Not only, does piano lessons boost your creativity, but also helps individuals connect with others. In addition to those listed above, those who play an instrument have different brain development, enhance math skills, and are able to process speech more efficiently. Lastly, they are conditioned to work harder for results and are more self controlled.  These are a top reason to play piano.

piano student 

Do I need a Piano to receive sessions?

Nope! Most piano students begin on an electric keyboard .

How long should each session be?

We advise students to begin with 45 minute lessons. Furthermore, this helps your teacher and you learn to write, read, play, and create music without being rushed. However, 30 minute lessons are available for those under the age of 6, and hour lessons are a great option as well. Click here for our piano lesson fees.

What if I need to cancel my session?

We operate like any other professional service, we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Furthermore, If your student is sick, let us know and we can give you  free credit for the end of the term. However, Each student is provided with one opportunity for a cancellation and make up credit at the end of the term. If you will be cancelling lessons ongoing, 4 weeks notice is required for a full refund.

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