Who do you consider when researching Calgary Piano Teachers At Home?

This city is a very large place, and there are many RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Trained Music Teachers in Calgary!  It can be difficult to find a good piano teacher in your area, let alone one that comes to you. In North and Central area Calgary, our teacher Raf drives to your home and drive. Heis trained in guitar and piano, and hired by Feely Music Teacher Trainer Emilee.  See Raf biography below, and why we chose her to be one of our teachers.

Meet Raf, an at home guitar and and piano in Calgary!

Raf is one of our newest teachers in Calgary, and he is multi instrument talented providing piano and guitar lessons.  Raf has trained through the RCM, and is familiar with students completing exams as well.

We are particularly fond of Raf because of his energy, and enthusiasm for teaching. We appreciate that Raf teaches guitar and piano to most of his students, as a way to demonstrate music as a universal language. Raf travels to Central and North Calgary.

music lessons in calgary at home

Music lessons in Calgary at home benefits

Regardless if you want to learn music or complete exams for the RCM , instill good habits, or develop a hobby, private lessons are custom to the student.  All Feely Music piano teacher are provided with resources to help them best discover the students learning styles.  We appreciate that not all students learn in group environments with a teacher at the chalkboard.

To learn more about our method, visit our agenda page here- teachers are always teaching students how to reach their goals.

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