Check out our 2018 agenda on the right – imagine what your goals could be! Click here to view more agendas on our Instagram page.


  • Homework assignments created by the teacher

  • Specific place on each homework page to set a goal for the week

  • Daily Practice Log

  • Thoughtful opening question for relationship building between the student and teacher

  • Rewarding colourful photos on each agenda page

  • Monthly concert report and progress summary

  • Motivational quotes in bright colours every month to inspire students

  • Sticker page in the back of the book!


Learn To Stay Organized

Organization of music homework assignments keep students at ease, and helps them learn skills like routine, goal setting, and time management.  All teachers are trained on using our agenda, and it is what keeps teachers organized, too!

Measure Your Progress

It’s important to have a method for seeing goals reached. This books allows students to create goals, and review them weekly. Students who set goals have less stress, as they can break down their practice with small steps to achieve their desired outcome. Students learn how over time success is made through routine and diligence.

Happiness Through “I Can”

It’s important to celebrate success, and we do monthly progress journals throughout the book.  Bright photos, and upbeat questions to start the lessons create curiosity and purpose outside of just playing piano. In this book, students become interested and engaged in non-musical aspects of skill development through music.

piano lessons waterloo


$15, your teacher will apply the book to your account


Teacher will bring it to your next lesson. The book has 52 pages and will be good for the whole year of lessons!


You don’t have to go fetch books, either!

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