How To Find A Good Piano Teacher!

It can be difficult for non musical individuals to know if a music teacher is qualified and trained.   There are many important things to consider when hiring a music teacher.  Make sure to consider where are the lessons held, your teachers excitement to teach, and that the teacher can play music.

Below, you will find an interview on PianoTV Youtube with a piano teacher trainer Emilee at Feely Music.  Do watch the video below because you will gain knowledge and also see our process!

How does Feely Music Hire their piano teachers?

Great question! We have 5 phases of hiring.

  1. Step one includes resume review and analysis with lead piano teacher Emilee.
  2. Secondly, we have personality assessment followed by a teaching style assessment.
  3. The third round of includes a 1-1 or group interview to discuss teaching styles, assess personality face to face, and to rate a teachers motives to teach.
  4. Criminal reference and vulnerable sector collection and contract completion.
  5. Done!

What does Feely Music look for in teachers musical abilities?

There are many things involved with being a good piano teacher.  There must be structure to knowing how to find a good piano teacher, and we look for teachers with warm flexible personalities. However, some teachers are more strict than others.

Teachers must be able to want to learn from students, listen to students, and adapt teaching styles to the needs of students.

Finally we look for teachers who enjoy seeing students progress, because they enjoy teaching over the fact that they have to earn money.

Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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