Preparing for a Piano Lesson Recital

Performing in front of others is a new experience for most people, and there is a lot to consider when preparing for a piano lesson recital.  Beyond what clothes to wear, your teacher at Feely Piano School will teach you how to bow, announce, and complete your piano song on stage.

We recently had one of our Guelph piano lesson student parents ask us a couple of questions over email, so please find attached tips to Preparing for a Piano Lesson Recital.



What time would you like us to arrive?

Typically we advise on arriving 15-10 minutes early.  Sometimes if individuals show up too early, there can be a lot of people to organize in small spaces. 

For Feely Piano School Valentines Concert 2019 in Kitchener:

An arrival time of 650 is fine, concert starts at 7:00

Where would you like us to go when we arrive?

In general, music teachers should know to prepare their students with this information before hand.

For Feely Piano School Valentines Concert 2019 in Kitchener:

The piano is in the main area, to the right of the main entrance. To the best of my knowledge I know we will be here. It is a very open space.

Here is parking information for the Kitchener Public Library.

How will students know when it is their time to play?

We would advise music teachers to prepare programs in a printed or email format before the concert. This helps you stay organized for your Piano Lesson Recital.

For Feely Piano School Valentines Concert 2019 in Kitchener

We have a  concert programme which we will circulated before hand. We will also support the students walking up to the stage and we will announce the program verbally as the concert happens.

What happens if a student ‘freezes’ on stage?

Preparing for a Piano Lesson Recital can be new for piano lesson students, teachers should practice bowing with their student.  In the weeks before the lesson, teachers will also demonstrate how to announce what you are playing and your name.

For Feely Piano School Valentines Concert 2019 in Kitchener

Teachers am within a few feet of students to jump in, support, and help piano lesson students finish their performance. 



Check out our piano lessons Mississauga teacher, Ash who performs quite often!


See you at the Valentines Day 2019 Concert! Click here for more event details.


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