One thing teacher Emilee has noticed as a teacher of piano classes for toddlers.

Emilee is a teacher of Feely Music, and has taught piano classes for toddlers for over 5 years.  Currently Emilee teaches the youngest student of her career, at the young age of 2.5 years old.

What is evident with toddlers is that all young ages can improve their memory through music learning.  In particular, Emilee has recently witnessed her youngest student memorize a song, “Good Morning” after only one month of lessons.

“I noticed that my student had memorized the song, after resuming lessons after summer holidays.  Typically, students who take vacations in the summer need several weeks to remember things learned in lessons the year before.  What I noticed, and was amazed at, is that this toddler was able to still remember the song I taught her before the break.  Her mom even reported that she sang the song to family members on many occasions.”

Toddlers can have an excellent memory, through music singing in private classes at home.

How to improve memory through piano classes for toddlers

There are many drills, routines, and games in music lessons to improve memory through piano classes for toddlers.  Some games include for memory clap back of patterns, and memorization of song lyrics.  In addition to this, teachers can engage in memorizing songs, and having the ability to play melodies back for memories. Parents, and toddlers, can use music as a way to learn skills.  Music is a way to practice skill development in a way which is fun, approachable, and in disguise.  All piano classes for toddlers should incorporate not only playing piano, learning the foundation to good musical performance, but skill too!

Want to have more resources for your music learning?

For more resources, and to learn more, watch our music teacher Emilee speak here.  You might also find the following article on music lesson games for parents useful.  If you have any more information about your specific toddlers needs, feel free to contact!

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