DIY at home piano lesson activity for parents and toddlers

Music is social, and should be shared online! Feely Piano is introducing a DIY Blog series for parents looking for at home activities with piano.
Feely Piano created a really fun new DIY home piano lesson homework games for parents and toddlers. We’re very interested in teaching parents how to play piano lessons with their kids.
DIY Piano craft
What you will need for this piano game
  • Any deck of playing cards 1-2 people ( parents can play against their kids)
  • Option- object to place as characters on the piano keys

How to play

1.  Ask the student if they want to go up or down (this makes the spontaneous choice fun).  This will determine if you start in the bottom end of the piano and travel up to the high end, or vise versa.
2.  Once a direction of travel is created, begin randomly pulling cards from the deck.  Each number pulled will associate with the interval in which the student is to move to. 
Once the student moves to that new piano key they must identify it’s alphabet letter correctly to move on.


 – student moves in intervals of semi-tones up and has to name each black key in both it’s en harmonic spellings.
1-9 are simple, as the student moves as the card dictates.
K = miss a turn
Q = advanced a skip up
J = switch places with your opponent
Joker = return to the starting position
A = Advance to the closest A letter
Case scenario: Student starts on C and pulls 6. They move from CDEFGA, land on A and properly identify A, and then player 2 takes a turn. Purpose:identification of alphabet letter, introduction to intervals, enharmonic spelling challenges, and fun!
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