Who’s the Kitchener Musician for Valentines 2019 Release?

Today’s story features an Intimate Interview with Canadian Singer Songwriter, Melle Rose. We are so excited to launch our new blog series, “Backstage Access Blog ” where we meet today’s rising stars!

City of Waterloo Rising Musician Star Melle Rose

We keep up to date with local musicians, and spoke to Melle rose about her story of being a Kitchener Musician of Valentines 2019 Release.  Her new song will come out the 14th- same day as our Valentines concert!


When did you start music lessons in Kitchener? What was your teacher like?

I started music lessons when I was 7/ 8 years old. Irene, was my first music teacher in Kitchener– she was strict but incredibly passionate about music and performance.

I was forced to dive right in and push myself past my comfort zone with every practice!

From there I was accepted into Kitchener’s High school, Eastwood Collegiate Auditioned Arts Program.

My teachers all varied, from being more focused on technical “and doing things right” and others more focused on ornamentation and the emotion of music and “how it makes you feel.”  Learning from both sides, have been incredibly important to my music, and singing career. The teachers that balanced the two, were my favorite!  (just like Feely Piano, nudge nudge)

Kitchener Ontario Piano Songwriter Melle Rose
Kitchener Ontario Piano Songwriter Melle Rose

How do you inspire your fans?

There are three items in my recipe of success:

  • I look to share and send good vibes, prayers, funny moments and beyond. Check out my Twitter!

  • I often speak and stand for movements and causes that are important to me, like Anti-Bullying, Mental Health Awareness and Women’s Empowerment!

  • My Music, is either made to entertain, or to act as an outlet to share important messages and experiences; but I think standing as an ambassador, outside of music, is what makes all the difference.

People don’t care what you do, until they know why you do it. Melle Rose

Fun Facts about Melle Rose!

Miss Canada Melle Rose
Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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