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We’re excited to host our first concert at our newest partnership organization, the Kitchener Waterloo Downtown Alliance! Join us on June 27th at 7pm!

Address:  DCC is at 35B Weber St

Arrival time: 6:50

There is a decent sized parking lot on the property but there are specific places to park. You’ll see signs – some say reserved for church parking and the others say DCC parking – park in any of the spots that say DCC parking (there are several rows). You’ll then need to go in and get a pink parking permit that you need to hang on your rearview mirror so you don’t get ticketed. Hopefully that makes sense!

Kitchener and Waterloo Piano Lesson Concert with Feely Piano School.

Bring your keyboards, because for the first time EVER we’re going to attempt a PIANO ORCHESTRA!

Practice your duet part with your teacher during lessons, and we’ll try to put it all together with the rest of the piano students on June 27th!

Time to have some fun! Click on the links on the right to download the duet parts!

For more information to enroll, speak to your teacher or call 519 865 8824!

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