Tips for getting ready to play music at a party

We’re always so excited to give unique opportunities for our students to perform, but often they have these common questions before they play!  When you perform anywhere, it’s always important to plan ahead.  Here are some items to add to your check list, for performing at a party.

See who’s going to come to the party

When we perform we always try to ask who is coming before hand. That way, we can choose music that aligns with the atmosphere of the event. When we performed at Square One Mall, we choose songs that were of European style.  The event theme was Lavender Blue for Mothers Day 2019.  If we perform at a wedding,  we often play love songs. If we perform at a birthday we play, well you can guess the song!

Always play music that is relevant to the crowd you are performing for.


Look the part!

Be sure to ask lots of questions about the event before hand so that you can wear the appropriate clothes. Things to consider is the weather, location within a room, event, or style of people attending.  If the event is formal, black and white clothing is typical for musicians.  If the event is say, at a cafe, you might wear jeans. For examples of what our students wear when they perform check out our performance page here.

Finally, get “Excited” not nervous.

If you feel nervous about changing, a little change in the way you phrase the opportunity in your mind may help relieve stress.  If you change the word “nervous” to “excited”, you’d be surprised at the difference it can make!  Eating bananas also has proven to alleviate performance anxiety.  Above all, take deep breaths too!

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