Fascinating new study shows most kids study music

Music is so good for the brain during the years of childhood development and thats why most kids study music.  However many adults study piano lessons, too!  It’s really never too late or too early to learn.

Some of the main benefits of early childhood music programs include:

  • Improvement in focus
  • Development of personal work habits to achieve goals
  • Creates ability to see problems in new ways

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British study shows most kids study music

The Guardian released a 2019 study of British households and surveyed the families.  They wondered how many people studied music.  This is what they found:

  • 67% of students surveyed engaged in weekly music lesson activities
  • 39% of students were self taught learners
  • Lower class income students used online videos more than those more advantaged

This is an interesting research paper and at Feely Piano School, we find learners from all different backgrounds.  Because we teach piano lessons on our interests, many of our students study music for different reasons. While we can not say how many students study music lessons with our school, we can say that we have many students and most kids do take music lessons once in their lifetime.

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What do you think of these findings?

It’s important to ask yourself many questions when considering to enroll in music lessons, including:

For more frequently asked questions visit our frequently asked question page, here.

While only a person asking these questions can determine the answer, research can help someone understand what is the right thing to do.

Did you know we are offering online videos in June 2019? Check it out here!


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