Did you know, we’re launching free Feely Piano School Online Videos?

First off we are always concerned with our students having the highest quality of piano lessons, and that is why we are launching free Feely Piano School Online Videos in June 2019.  Feely Piano School has two graphic artists who are working with the team to develop free learning videos for kids.

Our piano lessons focus on creative learning, and we are not afraid to move with the trends of technology to develop new ways of learning piano lessons online.

Research Proves Music Animations Helps

Our Feely Piano School Online Videos are founded on the research of University of Toronto findings, that show that cartoon characters impact the way students learn.

“The results of this study strongly affirm the resonance between music and child development, and encourage us to think of music not just as a medium or tool through which treatment might be delivered, but as the treatment itself,” said Chau – University of Toronto researcher. Read more here.


What will these online videos be?

Great questions, blogger!

Feely Piano School Online Videos will be free for all of our lesson students and will provide a series of music theory videos.  These videos will first teach students throughout the week when it is especially important for students to practice.  Secondly, they will be accessible from Feely Piano School Youtube, making it very easy to watch!  Thirdly, if we are able to we will be creating a program for mom and kids online.

Did you know that parents enroll for lessons too? See this testimonial below.

Hire a piano teachers who drive to you, save time.

  • Ages 3-85
  • All levels – beginner to advanced (yes, beginner adults, too!)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Teachers
  • Piano Adventures Method Certifications
  • Learn Out of the book – Pop songs, too.

Call: (519) 865-8824
Visit:42 Sky Acres Drive, Brantford Ontario, N3R1P3
Website: https://www.feelymusic.com/
Text: helpdesk@feelymusic.com



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