How to include Improvising in Piano Lessons

At Feely Piano School we focus a lot on creativity, teaching how to improvise in piano lessons.  Improvising is important as it allows students to learn the skill of creation.

What jobs benefit from being creative?

  • Entrepreneurial jobs
  • Business Owners
  • Creative industries such as architecture, or being a doctor

For a guide on how to improvise with piano to live comedy visit our post here.

Improvising in piano lessons

Improvising in piano lesson Tip 1 – Create songs inspired by animals

Visualizing animals while improvising on the piano can help students have context to a kind of sound they want to create. For example, an elephant sound would be in the lower octaves.  A bird song could be in the upper octaves of the piano.  Imagining what an animal would sound like can help generate creativity.

Much about improvisation comes from understanding how to read music.  Check out our music theory video below.


Improvising in piano lesson Tip #2 – Commit to playing wrong notes

When students in piano lessons improvise they are often afraid of playing notes that sound bad.  What we typically say is,

It can sound good, it can sound bad. It just has to sound!

By taking away the need to be perfect, students can become more free in their piano improvisation.  If a student feels uncomfortable you can remind them that it is okay to sound bad, too!  The point is to make sounds without any context.


Improvising in piano lesson Tip #3 – Play on only the black keys

Playing on the black keys of the piano will make a really nice sound, similar to wind chimes.  Here is a guide to what we mean by the “black keys of the piano”.

Have your hands placed on the black keys, close your eyes, and play any rhythm.  If you can understand how to count 1-2-3-4 as you play, you can make a rhythm pattern of 4 counts.

Playing on the black keys will allow all of your sounds to blend in a really peaceful way.  Improvising in piano lessons becomes easy when you play only the black keys.

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