Balancing can be hard

People find time for the things that are important to them, and sometimes time to practice piano comes last.  Being successful at finding time to practice has to do with routine, interest, and having flow while you practice piano.

At Feely Piano School our teachers best encourage students to practice once or twice a day.  Students who can practice piano in 10-15 minute intervals every day see more progress over time than students who practice once or twice a week.

Tip #1 in finding time to practice piano

Schedule yourself to practice piano at the same time every day.

Markus, our 3 year old student from Oakville Ontario practices piano in the mornings before school.  Most of our piano lesson students find waking up early and “getting it out of the way” helps them to stay on track.

finding time to practice piano


“It’s nice to get in the routine of practicing in the morning, before the day becomes chaotic after school” – Markus mother.



Tip #2 in finding time to practice piano

Practice in smaller amounts of time.

When piano lesson students try to practice for over 15 minutes, often their mind wanders.  If a student can focus for 15 minute intervals, it is much more productive to come back to the piano twice in a day, rather than try to focus for 30 minutes straight.

Over time, you can increase your 15 minute intervals to 20 or 25 minutes, but do this gradually.  If not, you may become frustrated easily when you practice piano!

mississauga piano lessons kids

Tip #3 in finding time to practice piano

Finding focus in your practice by picking a specific activity to improve on.

By choosing one area in your piano lesson activities, you can create positive piano lesson practice.  Setting small goals that are achievable can help you have motivation to practice more and more!  Students who set goals that are out of their abilities often become discouraged.  Make sure you set specific goals that are attainable, and maybe you can even write them down!


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