What made you Smile in Piano Lesson?

Our #whatmadeyousmile campaign refers to the question we ask in every lesson, What Made you Smile – Piano Lesson Mindfulness.

“What Made you Smile” challenge

We want to use music lessons to improve people by providing opportunity to create awareness and appreciation for in the moment. Using music, we express thoughtfulness and critical thinking through asking series of questions such as #whatmadeyousmile.

Listen to our Podcast Interview on #WHATMADEYOUSMILE

Every day, we challenge our piano lesson students and piano in home tutors to discuss before piano lessons start, something that has made them smile. For Feely Piano School, we are interested in our students learning how to not only play piano well but express music positively. By framing our lessons with goals, and #whatmadeyousmile, we have proven that music lessons have been more positive.

“I look forward to telling my teacher what made me smile. When I play piano throughout the week, I’m reminded to smile when I play” -student, anonymous

What made you smile today? Let us know by giving us a tweet #whatmadeyousmile

When we surveyed 100 parents on what their goals were for their family, the top three answers were:

Happiness of all family members

Success and the ability to take trips

Children in University and Colleges, Education

Piano lessons in your home brings family closer, making memories more easy to share in your living room.We use these motivations and do our best to make our piano lessons accomplish these three things that are important to you.

Check us out on Feely Piano Twitter for more #whatmadeyousmile answers. For now, watch this video to find out more!

#whatmadeyousmile described! Happy piano lessons

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