Easy songs popular piano 2019

Be pumped up, because we’re giving you free access behind the learning of our most popular requested Easy Star Wars Piano Free Tutorial!

Making sure that your piano lessons are custom to your goals is essential in having success.  If you aren’t learning what you want to play, it is less likely that you’ll have the best experience as possible because it’s not enjoyable.

As soon as Tim started playing Star Wars,  I didn’t have to bug him to practice anymore! -Tracy, Feely Piano Lessons Waterloo client 

Easy songs popular piano 2019 Star Wars

Many of our piano lesson students prefer to learn through visual cues, listening to songs, and of course with the guidance of their teacher!  When you are trying to learn a song on your own, try using Youtube visuals like the one above to guide your piano practice.   Not sure which alphabet letters sit on which key? Check out our piano key alphabet guide, here.

Secondly, try to read the music notes out loud as you play.  Do you know how to read the alphabet letters on the music staff? Even if you don’t there are many ways to learn how. Why don’t you take a lesson to start learning!    By saying the alphabet letters out loud as you play, you connect listening, coordination, and music note reading at the same time. Although it’s hard, continue to do this and you’ll be reading notes easily in no time.

Watch a Feely Piano Teacher demonstrate how to improvise, below!

Easy Star Wars Piano Free Tutorial is complete! What did you think?  Send us your progress video if you’d like some help with your homework.

Don’t delay – start learning today. There’s no risk as we’ll give you your money back if you don’t like your first in home piano lesson. 

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