DIY Piano Sheets for under 3

We love helping parents practice piano lesson activities with their kids, so we’ve created many Piano Sheets for under 3, blogs, and support groups!

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DIY Piano activities for under 3 for mom and kids

beginner piano worksheets printableHow to practice without a piano lesson teacher.

When ever our piano teachers assign homework, they try to help the student understand the importance of the activity.

What are we trying to learn, here? Why is this lesson useful?

By understanding why a Piano Sheets for under 3 is important, helps students to be more motivated.


#1 tip for Get In Shape worksheet

The numbers on the page are representing the finger numbers used on the piano, with your hand.  When you see the numbers, sing the number and move the appropriate finger. This helps students connect numbers with a sound, and movement.

Are you confused to what fingers get what numbers? Check out this piano lesson finger worksheet!

#2 tip for Get in Shape worksheet

When you sing the finger number, and move the finger, make sure that the fingers are moving from the knuckle.  If you see stiff fingers, help the student become less tense.  If the student has straight fingers, see if you can make them curved.

The student should be able to hold an egg in the palm of their hand whe

n playing.   Try not to have flat fingers like this photo to the right.


Can 3 year olds really, play piano?

Yes, Piano Sheets for under 3 are catered especially to the abilities of young students.  We have lessons of all ages, adults too.  If you are interested in studying piano, you can try a lesson with no risk. Our guarantee means that you like your lesson or your money back.

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