Who do you want to teach your 1-1 Piano Classes At Home in Calgary?

This city is a very large place, and there are many RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Trained Music Teachers in Calgary!  It can be difficult to find a good piano teacher in your area, let alone one that comes to you. In North and Central area Calgary, our teacher Cassidy drives to your home and drive. She is trained, and hired by Feely Music Teacher Trainer Emilee.  See Cassidy’s biography below, and why we chose her to be one of our teachers.

Meet 1-1 Piano Classes At Home Calgary teacher Cassidy!

In the words of Cassidy herself,

“Cassidy is a proud member of Feely Music Calgary North! She has spent the past 20 years learning to play piano, clarinet, and has advanced into the professional field playing Tenor saxophone, with Vivo Jazz and the Fire Fighters Orchestra. Cassidy started to play with an orchestra in 2010 and have held a first chair position since 2013. She has tutored many person’s in music theory and saxophone. Cassidy travels to North areas of Calgary.”

We are particularly fond of Cassidy because of her energy, and enthusiasm for teaching. Cassidy is versatile as a teacher as she is multi-instrument talented.  Cassidy teaches 1-1  piano classes at home in Calgary North.

piano lessons at home calgary

RCM Examinations

To learn more about RCM examinations you can read our RCM blog here.  To learn about how we hire our piano teachers and what we consider a good teacher to be, you can visit our piano teacher page.

RCM examinations are a great goal for some students, but is not perfect for all students. We do require all teachers to have RCM training, to make sure that our teachers are of quality.

To book a lesson visit our book now page.

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