Why does Darren from Feely Music believe in us?

If you didn’t know, we’ve recently gone through some changes!  We’ve started using a new software system for client accounts.  Also, we’ve started using our new website and name, www.feelymusic.com. Above all, we’ve creating new ways to make your lessons easier to schedule.  It is the upmost importance to us!
With all of this change we hired Darren, here’s a video of him helping you with your account!

What makes a “good product”?

Darren has never taken music lessons, but has a passion for our school.  He believes we have a “good product” and that “we’re determined to become better every day”.  Darren may not speak musical words but he speaks very highly of the influence on music lessons to children.
In a recent visit to Quebec, we stopped at the hospital to visit a family member.  While at the hospital we performed on the piano – here is a photo.
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What He Saw

Darren saw first hand the joy, language, and communication which music brings, and joined our team from thereon.  It was purely amazing to perform for our family member and to see them communicate with our piano playing.
Darren represents to us what we try to achieve.  Education, becoming better, and communication.  At Feely Music each staff member has the end child in sight.  We all see how music benefits the world. Do you?
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