Help! I need to buy a piano keyboard!

It can be a daunting task, and you may be thinking what piano keyboard do I buy! Here are some things to consider when looking for a keyboard.   Don’t panic we are here to help!

1.  What is a weighted key?

Piano keys are similar to gas pedals. If you can imagine pressing the gas pedal in a car, your foot would feel some pressure from the little resistance. Now imagine that same gas pedal being so light, sensitive and easy to push that your foot went immediately to the floor. Gees – no good.! This is exactly what the difference between a weighted / not weighted key.
We advise students to consider that easy to press keys do not require finger strength, control, or resistance to develop. We advise on a weighted keyboard when asking what piano keyboard do I buy.

2.  Buy the stand

If you are thinking  “Oh I’ll skip the $30.00 stand” please think again. The
stand is the equipment the piano sits on top of and is useful for hand
positioning, height consistency, wrist consistency and remembering to practice.
Students without a stand often are not comfortable practicing because the
piano is too high/low or even misplaced. Please give your keyboard a home
and buy the stand, its worth it.
You don’t want to have to go through the hassle of repurchasing and researching again what piano keyboard do I buy.
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3. How many keys should my keyboard have?

How many keys should it have, you might not be aware of their size differences. Because the piano has
separate keys, each key represents a new musical letter and sound. If you a piano 56 keys or under, it
would make sense that over time you may start to learn songs that require all notes
of the piano. This milestone of playing all of the keys happens starting in year 2 of
lessons. We ask you to decide if you like to pay the $100.00 now or a whole new
instrument in upcoming years.
We recommend buying at Costco or through the Feely Music store. We can help you find just what you
and your budget are looking for

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