How To Get My Teenager to Practice Piano

Getting your teenager to practice piano to be motivated to practice piano is one of the toughest things musical parents can face.  When competing with television, games, outside activities and a busy schedule, finding time for piano lessons isn’t always easy.  It’s important for parents to have resources to help them to inspire their kids to practice piano, so that they can improve with piano lessons.

Feely Piano School offers in home piano lessons which is great, because our piano teachers can use your home as a place to create positive energy around practicing. With dedication you surely can help in teenager to practice piano


Three tips to help parents to get kids to practice piano

1. Practice with your piano student at the piano at least 3 times a week.  When you find time to play piano with your kids, they will find time as well.  When we asked teenagers in piano lessons  what the biggest reason for not practicing was, the top answer was, Practicing is lonely.  Are you surprised?  Setting aside 5-10 minutes 3-4 days a week is enough time to see improvement in piano lessons.

2.  Print creative worksheets that are engaging.  We have found that students enjoy worksheets having to do with piano lesson theory, and we always assign homework.  Having options with piano lesson practice is good for students because they can have more choice in how they engage with music.  If a student is only practicing piano throughout the week, they will not learn how to read and write music as well.

Check out our piano toddler age worksheets, here!

We also have advanced theory worksheets which will be more interests to teenager to practice piano

3.  Let students improvise and “mess around” on the piano.  We really encourage parents to accept and encourage creativity at the piano.  Improvising is the ability to listen, react, create and have fun at the piano with no barriers. Improvising in piano lessons is very important, as it teaches more than just piano technique.  Piano students who improvise are able to transfer this skill into other areas of life, and are often more confident people.

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