How do I go about studying for an RCM music exam?

If you are studying for an RCM music exam, your going to want to know RCM is short form for Royal Conservatory of Music! In Canada, people studying an instrument can work towards completing exams to receive musical certificates. If you imagine a black belt its similar.  Studying for an RCM music exam is something to strive for if you’d like to eventually be a music teacher!
There are many levels of exams including prep A,B, grades 1-10 and a performers ARTC. To give you an idea which songs are in which grade, Fur Elise is grade 6 and Moonlight Sonata is grade 10.
In preparing for an exam, students will learn songs depending on the level, and
series of technical tests called scales, and listening drills. The songs hold 60% of the final grade of the exam.

Watch our teacher Emilee preparing to perform her ARCT piano exam below!

 Why study for an RCM music exam?

Students could expect to study to perform 1-2 exams a year. Each city will have different examination sessions and times a year and you should book 4 months in advance on the RCM website.  All of our teachers have completed grade 8 exams, which is the requirement to teach music in Canada.
Something neat to know there are music writing exams too, in levels 1,2,3  Rudiments! When you complete level 2 rudiments and piano level 7 your students can combine the two tests and take the average of those results. Next they can submit these results to the school board and earn a grade 11 school credit.  This can be a really great way to make studying for an RCM music exam worth while!
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