Spring 2019 Music Room Decor DIY

It’s time to clean, and why not spruce up your piano lesson room with some Spring 2019 Music Lesson Room Decor DIY tips!

Did you know Pinterest business trends of 2019 are showing that more families are interested in businesses that recycle?  Feely Piano School is a green conservation business because we travel to the homes of our students. Not only this but we have no building! No pollution, check!  Not only this, but our affordable piano lessons allow people to save while having convenience of lessons in their home.

Enough about us, keep reading on to learn about how you can turn your music room into a spring 2019 space!

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Spring 2019 Music Room Decor idea #1 – have many windows in your music room!

Make your space have as much natural light as possible.  Not only will it lower your energy bill, but it will make the room more radiant.  See if you could place your piano at the base of a large window so that the light will help you see your music.

 It should be centralized place easily accessible by students as well employees lowering
commuting expenses and gas emissions.
 Using digital communication which Is already main mode of Feely Piano School’s
communication also reduces paper waste.
 Buying eco-friendly office supplies like recycled paper. (Tips for your Green Business,

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Spring 2019 Music Room Decor idea #2 – Decorate the piano keys with spring colours.

Are you having problems remembering which alphabet letters are located on the keys of the piano?  Colour coordinating the piano keys can be helpful to understand which fingers, alphabet letters, sounds are located.  We recommend using coral colours, and trending 2019 spring colours.  By placing this coloured tape on the keys, you can use the same colour of tape for all of the A’s.  Then, make the same colour tape placed on all of the B’s.  In conclusion, place a new colour of tape on each letter of the alphabet on the piano itself.  However, make sure the tape comes off, too!

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