“Should I take classical or pop piano lessons?”

One of the most common questions from adults interested in music lessons is, “Should I take classical or pop piano lessons?”  This question is important for many reasons, first because as a student you need to be motivated to practice. Secondly, having a clear goal in your piano lessons will help you become closer to achievement! In conclusion, it’s good to consider why you are taking lessons before you commit to piano lessons.

Choose a role model who inspires you.

Before you ask, “Should I take classical or pop piano lessons?”, you can first find a performer who inspires you.  If you can find a person who plays piano that inspires you, often this can help you decide your goal in piano lessons.  Regardless of who inspires you, visualizing yourself as being able to accomplish the same piano level as that person has led to higher levels of achievements.

We always recommend that our students envision their goal, because that can help them achieve what ever they put their mind to.

Happy Birthday July Baby

Have you heard of Keith Jarrett?

Keith Jarrett is one of the most popular improvisation jazz pianists of today.  He’s known for his improvisation brilliance, and how he can create music on stage that has not been created before! Keith really showcases how music and creativity can become one activity through practice.

Did you know Lady Gaga Plays piano really well?

Lady Gaga is a pianist at heart, and it’s obvious when she performs. The video below showcases just how good she really is.

Do you enjoy Lady Gaga’s music, or could you envision yourself lighting up the piano keys like her?  Perhaps a modern day musician should be your piano goal then!  Make sure to ask yourself what you enjoy about her music and see if it is achievable.  If you wish it to become true, start your lessons with a list of things you would like to accomplish and a direct way on how! Your teacher can help you with this.

So, who inspires you to play piano?

Have we helped you answer, “Should I take classical or pop piano lessons?”  We know it’s hard, but maybe you want to make a classical music list too! Have you ever wanted to complete an RCM exam?  

Figuring out your why for piano lessons is so important, and at Feely Piano School we custom create homework for your interests.  After all, it’s important that your inspired to be your best and enjoy it, too!

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