Rhythm Game Online for Piano

In this tutorial, at home piano lesson teacher Emilee will provide a Rhythm Game Online for Piano.

What is rhythm, you ask?  Here is a Wikipedia description of rhythm, but Emilee describes rhythm as being the timing of music sounds and notes.   Music rhythm is a difficult activity to master, so we’ve given you a game to associate rhythm with words.

Rhythm Flashcard

Lots of people learn music rhythm from flashcards, as it’s an easy way to add some variety with practicing piano.  Here’s three tips for practicing rhythm:

  1.  An eigth note is said as “titi”
  2. A quarter note is said as a “ta”
  3. A half note is said as “ta-ah”
  4. A whole note is “ta-ah-ah-ah”

Most piano lesson students won’t actually clap and say these words, but it’s important that you do!  Doing both movements at the same time is tricky but ensures that you are aware and learning.

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Making words with our Rhythm Game Online for Piano

So now that you know your music rhythms described above, you can start to add words too!  This activity is doable for any age, and even kids.  When you connect music rhythm with words, you can start to begin how all words are music!

How you can practice rhythm with words:

  1.  Looking around the room, spy random objects that you see.
  2. When you choose one, clap at the same time that you say the word.  How many claps did you have as you said the word?
  3. The amount of claps is the same, as the rhythm syllables in music.
  4. See if you can find another object in the room that has the same amount of claps, it’s the same rhythm!

If your word has two claps, it can be a “titi”.  Words that could be “titi” include “yel-low” or “pur-ple”.

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