How Do I Know If My Student is Progressing?

Last week, a piano lessons Oakville studio mother asked, “How do I know that my student is progressing? She has only learned a few new songs!”  Wanting to learn more, the Feely Music office reached out to the teacher of the student to gain more information.  Why would the piano lesson student only have learned a few songs? Could there be a learning disability, or perhaps resistance to learning?

First thing to consider is the students ability.

The amount of time a student practices music outside of the lesson hugely impacts their ability to learn faster.  Some students do not practice whilst the teacher is not in their presence.  All Feely Music teachers are advised to assign 2-3 music lesson activities per day.  The student on hand, was not finding time on a weekly basis to practice, which was a huge impact on her ability to understand concepts, memorize music, and move forwards with her learning.

A Second Tip- Include the Family In On The Lesson

In the case of the mother  and student having piano lessons Oakville, the mother seemed to be quite disconnected with what the topics of the lesson included.  In the eyes of the mother, she saw her daughter learn 2 songs total over several months. When speaking further with the teacher, we understand the teacher was teaching reading, writing, and transcribing activities. These are activities which do not involve the act of playing the piano, rather reading and writing it.  Secondly, the mother was not aware of the difference between songs, and scales. The student had been practicing many scales. Because it can be confusing for parents to know how progress is maturing over time, please speak to your teacher.  The most case scenario is they can advise you very well on their intent with the progression of the lessons, and can make your curiosity a closed case!

What does Feely Music recommend?

If you as a parent are ever concerned at the legitimacy of your students progress, that’s important to us!  We have a Feely Music agenda which is clear, visual, and has places to see progress and improvement throughout.  Monthly reports let the student summarize achievements of the month. Performances in the home allow parents to see, first hand the progress over time.  For more on our student agenda, you can read about it below.

Here is the link!

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