Valentines 2019 Gift Music Sticker



Valentines 2019 Gift Music Sticker

Valentines is just around the bend, and don’t miss out on this super cute sticker.  Show the person you love how much they mean to you by perhaps singing a song!

What’s your favorite love song? Let us know, or post your response on our Facebook page!

This sticker can be used as a valentines day gift 2019, or a valentines 2019 card itself- let us know if you need the order custom to the valentine of your life.

Play music, and show the world you love it!  Stickers for your laptop lid, bumper plate, or mirror.  The more you see your dreams, the more you will achieve them.

Perfect for sticking on your guitar, piano, or instrument- music stickers can add character to your practice.

For more music decoration stickers view here.


Want to design a part of our brand stickers?

Feely Piano School is always looking for new graphic designers to post in our shop!  You design the music sticker, and we will give you all of the profits.

We encourage piano lessons that are creative and fun-stickers for piano lessons can help students become more engaged.

What would you draw? Submit today



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