Music Theory Book Beginner C



Music Theory Beginner C is the third workbook of the Ultimate Music Theory ABC Series.

These workbooks provide young students (ages 6 – 10) with a solid foundation in music theory with practical applications.

Fun and Engaging with 12 Lessons, Reviews and Sight Reading & Ear Training Games (Imagine, Compose, Explore).

The Music Theory Beginner C Workbook (92 pages) features these concepts and more!

  • TREBLE & BASS CLEF – Bass C to Treble C, Landmark notes, sharps (F, C) flats (B, E)
  • PATTERNS – Same (line or space), Step, Skip, Leap (a fifth) and Octave (up or down)
  • PENTASCALES – Major (C, G, D, A), minor (C, G, D, A) and melodies on pentascales
  • TIME SIGNATURE – Note Values for Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth and Rest Values
  • ANALYSIS – Musical Concepts, Terms, Symbols and Signs
  • BONUS – Music Theory C – Guide and Chart!

Ultimate Music Theory’s time saving accelerated learning techniques will empower you to:

  • Learn Music Faster – Proven Step-by-Step System!
  • Master Musicianship Skills – Excellence in Online Courses!
  • Teach with Passion – UMT Techniques Build Confidence!
  • Make More Money – UMT Certification Course for Teachers!

Build Knowledge – Online Music Courses, Music Theory Workbooks & Answers, Theory Exams & Answer Books, Ultimate Music Theory App and More!

“Enriching Lives Through Music Education”


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