Looking for piano lessons in Dundas Ontario?

Since 2014, we’ve been lucky enough to have a team of students having Piano Lessons in Dundas Ontario! We’ve been in Dundas Ontario since 2015, and really enjoy our students in the city.  Read below or check out our private piano teachers page to read on our newest team member Justin!

A sneak peak at your piano lessons in Dundas Ontario teacher!

Justin is a graduate of the music program at The University of Western Ontario.  Did you know that UWO is one of the largest growing music Universities in Canada? Our educational researcher Pat Feely is studying his PHD of Music Education here. Great job Justin!

After graduating Justin toured extensively all over Canada and the U.S. He’s also produced 3 full length albums with his band After Funk! Justin is a versatile musician who has experience teaching many different instruments and methods.

Justin is also a director of many music therapy programs in Hamilton which specialize in helping people of all ages.  He is particularly familiar with newcomers to Canada, people with disabilities, and people struggling with mental health or addiction. Sound healing and listening to music for wellness is also a strong focus for Justin, which is wonderful for adults

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How to start Piano Lessons in Dundas Ontario

If your looking to begin lessons with Justin, we’re happy to help. The role of the office of Feely Music is to provide families with support booking, and paying through your client account. You can instantly book Justin online with our Online Booking page, or you can always send us an email.


519 865 8824

First come first serve enrollment for September 2019!

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