Piano Lesson Teachers Who Drive To You in Calgary

Are you looking for piano lessons in Airdrie, or Calgary central?  Piano lessons at your home saves people time, money, resources, all while improving the brain too!

Teaching lessons of all ages, stages, and abilities, we value that all people should have the benefit of learning music.

Piano lessons in Airdrie and Calgary are most typically scheduled at the same time every week with the same teacher.  While a client can schedule lessons on their own, we most advise that lessons are occurring in a predictable way.  This helps students predict, prepare, and look forward to their lessons!

Meet Dillan, a teacher of piano lesson in Calgary!

Below, you can watch a video of some raw footage of Emilee of Feely Music (CEO and founder) with Dillan.  Together, they discuss their favorite moments when teaching piano lessons at home.

Want to check out some of our other teachers? See our teachers page here!

Does Feely Music hold recitals?

Yes, Feely Music has annual recitals in most of their cities, and for sure in Calgary area! Music recitals are important, because they help students practice towards a goal, and success in achievement after they perform.  Teachers will prepare students during lesson time, and teach them how to bow, present their song, and wait for applause.

Music recitals are typically held at retirement homes, hospices, and malls. We celebrate success with achievement certificates, and photos displayed on our Facebook page.  

We had a music recital on November 2nd 2019 in Calgary, and look forward to our concert in 2020 featuring students taking piano lessons in Airdrie!

calgary piano lessons
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