What is a good age to start music lessons?

We have this question a lot!  We have piano lessons for kids in Mississauga starting at 2.5 years old!  Check out our music lesson Instagram page to see the singing activities we do with our students!  4 years old is a great time to start. Beyond simply playing piano, we have created books to provide students the ability to develop skills such as fine motor skills, language and pattern recognition activities, even improvisation. Of course we teach them piano as well, but as a school we focus on the skills developed when a person learns music, and it is great to apply to all ages.

How do we address active students who have a hard time sitting for 30 minutes?


Lesson games, puzzles, clapping activities and change of pace is how we keep students engaged while we teach.  The above photo is a dominoes game we play in music lesson.  Teachers are trained on a variety of rhythm and movement activities which keep kids on their feet.  Some of our teachers who teach piano lessons for kids in Misssissauga have specializations in ECE, such as Laura.   Laura has been able to share her knowledge into teaching, and through observing her styles we have incorporated colouring, matching, and alphabet letter recognition in activities.

When a child studies music they not only learn music, but the language to speak music as well.

Our at home piano lesson teachers meet the student in their home, so if the child needs to take a break the parents can jump in.  This is a great opportunity for students who need to take a break, or feel energetic to know that they are flexible to being in the comfort of their home.


How can parents help young students learn?

Parents can help their students practice by being engaged in lessons, too!  Rather than observe or be a passerby, parents who ask questions and play music with their children help children appreciate music.  We have found that when parents sit in on the lesson, the children are more interested to show what they have learned.  It is in showing their parents where children become inspired, rewarded, and engaged in piano lessons for kids in Mississauga.

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