Piano Lessons At Home In Port Moody

Piano classes are now offered at home in Port Moody with our piano teachers Anastasiia and Tiffany!  There are several different styles of music lessons a student can participate in.   However, what is common to all students is the focus on quality and custom lessons.  At Feely Music, all teachers use teaching based off the learning styles and goals of the students.

Read below to have a detailed description of what you could learn at your piano lessons at home in Port Moody!

Piano Classes For Beginners

All studio locations of Feely Music offer piano classes for beginners.  In the first month, students will learn the basics to music reading, writing, and playing the piano.  Introduction to finger movements, alphabet letter recognition, and coordination will be introduced as well.  Within the first month, piano students will learn 2-3 of their first songs with their teacher.  Within the first year, we hope to have all students complete at least the earliest Piano Adventures or Alfred Series book, and will be able to read music staff for the bass and trebel clefs.

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Violin Class for Beginners

Not only do we offer piano lessons at home in Port Moody, but also violin lessons at home.  Our Port Moody violin teacher Anastisiia teaches both instruments, and Anastissia has her grade 9 violin RCM exam completed.  Beginner violin students can expect to learn 1-2 songs through their first month.  Similar to our piano lesson studio, violin students will learn the basics to reading and writing music within their first consecutive months of lessons with their instructor.

What are the benefits of studying music?

There are many benefits to music including enjoyment, language development, and creativity.  Here is an article which further outlines the benefits of music education.  Beyond this, music lessons at home are of higher quality, because parents can observe what is learned in lessons. More often, our teachers recognize that parents who are involved with their child’s learning encourage more practice throughout the week.  Parents can also assist students in completing homework assignments because parents can overhear what happens in lessons. Finally, parents can witness musical growth with monthly at home performances.  See here one of our at home performances.

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