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We offer in home piano lessons Waterloo with teacher Ella!  Other piano lesson locations include Kitchener and Cambridge.

Ella is one of our strongest and most enthusiastic teachers.  Ella is in her second year teaching piano with Feely Piano School. She enjoys working with students and watching them improve every week.

Ella achieved her grade 9 piano and all RCM requirements for her theory prerequisites and she did both, with high grades!

“I started piano lessons in my home in Waterloo when I was only 4 years old.  When I started lessons, my mom made me practice piano every day, and it wasn’t always easy”

When Ella was 13, Feely Piano School founder Emilee taught Ella private lessons and coached her to complete her grade 8 and grade 9 exam for piano.  Ella and Emilee also studied music theory, where Ella achieved her grade 3 RCM certification.

“Most students completing higher level exams are in high school, perhaps entering University.  I was extremely impressed with Ella’s hard work and dedication. When she completed her grade 9 exam with honours, I was so excited to invite her into our teaching team.”​

Emilee and Ella have been working together for the past 4 years studying piano lesson students in Eastbridge Waterloo.  Together they brainstorm on a weekly basis, speaking of how to make lessons more fun and engaging.  They enjoy making lessons which are motivating and provide high quality information for students.

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