Neat Facts about Gamification and Piano lesson fun ideas

We try to make Piano Lesson Fun and also educational.  It’s proven that the more a person enjoys an activity, the more likely they are to do it.  Watch this Ted Talk to learn how language specialist uses language to prove how custom learning helps you become motivated.

In piano lessons, we want students to feel motivated to practice for themselves.  Because of this Feely Piano School is always looking for new ways to make Piano lessons fun.

My Feely Piano Teacher Melissa, always comes up with neat games. – Rachel, Waterloo 

Our research is founded off this PHD study, here on music gamifiaction.

Neat Fact #1 to make piano lessons fun

When students have custom curriculum made for them, they are motivated.  Setting personalized goals will help students become more interested in practicing because they have the power of choice.  When a person has the ability to chose, most of the time they are more encouraged to complete a goal.

mississauga piano lessons


Neat Fact #2 – leader boards make piano lessons fun

We make piano lessons fun by incorporating some competition and games in the lesson.  Play games with your teacher, siblings, or parents, for a little healthy competition.  We play games such as go fish music, set practice challenges, and have performances in your home.  Read more about the benefits of healthy competition in making piano lessons fun.


Piano Lesson Games

Neat Fact #3 – your relationship with your piano teacher

Having a piano teacher who you can relate to, enjoy the company of, and be inspired to work with is so important.  Making piano lessons fun is a difficult task and you must work as a team when things become difficult. Sometimes students become unmotivated during certain times of the year.  You and your teacher will speak about new goals and ideas to keep music lessons fun.


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