Piano classes at home Guelph

Why choose in home piano lessons in Guelph

Feely Piano School has provided in home piano lessons in Guelph Ontario since 2016, and therefore have learned about the city to quite a large extent.   We have noticed this much:

Mom’s of Guelph

There is a substantial community of mom’s in Barrie, and resource groups including:

Want to see what other moms are saying? Check out our Facebook page for reviews.

Other mom to mom communities that we work in include:

Piano lessons in Waterloo

Map of Waterloo

In Home Piano lessons Oakville

Map of Glen Abbey Oakville

Why focus on mom’s and busy families  Guelph?

At Feely Piano School we are most focused on bringing piano lessons to your home in order to create an easier family life, for busy mom’s and dad’s.

  • Firstly, by bringing music lessons to your home, you can add time to your day with your other tasks.
  • Secondly, we provide background checks for all of our piano lesson teachers, saving you time on researching piano schools in Guelph.
  • Thirdly, by providing piano lessons in your home you can watch, enjoy, and observe piano lessons making our music lessons available to mom’s, dad’s, and other siblings in the home.

Where we offer In Home Piano Lessons Guelph

In Home Piano Lessons Guelph

City of Guelph map

Want to know more about having in home piano lessons Guelph?

We’re happy to connect you with our piano lessons teacher Guelph, in order to provide you with affordable, fun piano lessons for adults and kids.  Let us know what your piano lesson needs are, and we will teach you- you will learn how to play piano soon.

email: helpdesk@feelymusic.com

phone: 519 865 8824

website: https://www.plumemusic.ca/

Check us out in the Guelph Newspaper!

In home piano lessons for kids

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