How to relieve performance anxiety with piano lessons

At Feely Piano School we’re aware that many students are looking to relieve performance anxiety with piano lessons, and other areas of life too!  Music is a way to practice presenting and performing in front of others, because in life we often do have to be in front of others speaking.

In our piano lessons we help our students relieve performance anxiety with piano lessons by performing once a month, journalling about their progress, and through visualization before they perform!

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1.  Perform often

Did you know that you can perform in front of people, pets, and toys too!  It’s important for piano lesson students of all ages to practice performing in front of others.  Even if you are performing in front of a group of your animals, having the experience of being in the moment and playing your song can help you become comfortable.

Here’s another neat idea, what if you filmed yourself performing!  Our cofounder, Pat Feely’s PHD research is written on the idea of filming yourself as you perform so that you can see your progress.  When you video record your practice sessions, you can see your mistakes and teach yourself how to fix them.  Watching yourself perform can help you overcome performance anxiety because you have the ability to reflect on what you see.

Check out PAT’S research, here!

Next time your performing, try video taping yourself to relieve performance anxiety with piano lessons.

2.  Journal Often about your progress

Students often have performance anxiety with piano lessons because they are too judging on themselves.  When students take the time to journal they are able to change their behaviour which can help them have a sense of achievement.  When things get difficult, students who journal and set their goals on paper are more likely to achieve success than those that are not writing their goals.

We encourage those with performance anxiety with piano lessons to write about the reasons they are feeling stressed, in order to see if those worries are valid.  If they are able to overcome the feelings that are creating anxiety, they will become more confident performers.


3.  Before you play, take a moment and imagine

When we use the word “visualization”, we are describing when students imagine how they will perform before they actually do it.  Much performance anxiety with piano lessons happens first when students rush the start to their songs.  Secondly the student may not have taken a breath to calm before they play. Thirdly the student simply do not take a moment to be aware before they start playing.  To conclude, taking a moment to breathe, be present and think before you start can be a good way to have a better performance.

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