Meet your Oakville in home piano class teacher Stefanie

While it is true that some students want to learn for skill development, some want to learn to play exams. Oakville in home piano class teacher Stefanie is featured below speaking about Piano Adventures, RCM, and the Feely Music Agneda.  Our lessons are organized and goal oriented, which make it easy for every goal, lifestyle, or schedule. There are many benefits to learning music such as:

  • developing confidence
  • developing dedication
  • learning how to practice piano daily
  • time management skills in preparation

However, there’s good news for students who are not motivated to complete exams, too! Regardless of if you study piano classes at home in Oakville, Mississauga, or various locations of ours, you can have an agenda. Students can learn from our Feely Music Agendas, a book which we have created in order to keep lessons organized and goals stated, often!

Oakville at home piano lesson teachers

Will my at home piano teacher encourage me to play exams?

What a great question! All of our at home piano teachers are trained to teach with an approach that is student first.  This means, that the type of learning will be based off of how the student learns and what goals they have.  At home piano teachers come in all shapes and sizes, just like students!  Not all children learn best at a chalkboard with a teacher.  Oakville in home piano teacher Stefanie, Madison, Laura, Iva, Karan, Ruth, and Ash are just some teacher. View all of our teachers here, and speak to your piano tutor about your specific goals!

What other books do at home piano teachers often use?

Teachers use a variety of books – and students pay through their profile with Feely Music. Below, watch our at home piano teacher Oakville Stefanie speak about books, and which ones she prefers to use!  You could also have Victoria’s perspective on books by watching teacher Victoria of Mississauga, here!

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