Music Rhythm Tutorial With Feely Music

Have you ever noticed that words, movements and sounds have timing, so here is a Music Rhythm Tutorial With Feely Music!

Everything that has sound, has rhythm.  A famous composer named John Cage wrote a wonderful song called 4’33 – click here to see it in a video!  Rhythm in 4’33 is described as the sounds that exist in moments of time.  John Cage believed everything had rhythm, and with Feely Music we use items around the house to practice music rhythm.

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What most student’s neglect when practicing music rhythm

Although it’s really important to do, most students neglect counting time as they are at the same time, playing music.  When you are playing music it is important to count “1-2-3-4” at the same time that you play.  When you do this, you are incorporating the timing of your words. You are also adding in the movement of your fingers, and you will hear the count and music notes happen simultaneously.

Students do find it not fun to say “1-2-3-4” when they play, but it’s very true that feely music teachers agree that when students can count and play they are more effective with playing.

Most importantly with Music Rhythm

As often suggested, diligent practice on a daily basis will help you improve faster! Some students practice 10-15 minutes a day and this is a great amount of time to focus, and be on flow.  Aim to be aware and conscious when you practice and you will impress yourself, and your family.

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