Mothers Day Gift ideas for Musical Moms

Why wouldn’t you get your mom a mothers day present that teaches her something useful?  Everyone wants the best for their moms on the special occasion day, and we will be presenting our music classes at Square One Mall.

When we are at Square One we will be offering on site discounts for moms who enroll for lessons.  Here’s a couple of options of what you might want to buy her!

Piano and guitar photos with her and her loved ones

Many mom’s love memories kept in photographs.  We’re offering packages which offer a photographer, musical instruments, and your choice of location for our photographers to visit.  We’ve studied moms and its evident that parents like to see progress in photos and videos.  It’s not true that they only care for the progress of others, but for them too.

Book a photographer to visit your mom and take photos around instruments and family members. If she has a musical past, this will make her feel more connected to the woman she truly is.


Private Music lessons for Her, at the comfort of her home.

It’s become very noticeable in our music school that many mothers have musical histories and pasts.  Did you know that 80 percent of Feely Music students have taken music lessons as a child?

We’re offering 1 free lessons to mothers who sign up for lessons in March, to say thanks for putting you first.  Setting priorities for oneself is very important, and it is always a good time to take up a new skill.

Music lessons at any age improves cognition, enjoyment, and satisfaction when goals are met. We provide many opportunities to perform music and reach specific goals with our at home piano and guitar lessons. 


Buy your mom her own personalized song.

Nothing is better than saying “thanks, mom” than writing a song for her.  There are several different ways a song can be purchased!  You can buy a song that Feely Music writes, and produces for her specifically.  You can also enroll for a unique songwriting course online for you both to learn together! Finally, we are able to compose a song for her in addition to a lesson package so that she not only learns a song but can play it too.

Have you ever tried writing a song, or lyrics?

Don’t settle with your mothers day 2019 gift.

Overall, don’t settle with buying your mom soaps, magnets, or lunch. Give her a way to improve herself today.

Packages are customized and available through

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