March Break 2019 ideas for Musical Parents

We’re so excited to release March Break 2019 ideas to help musical parents engage with their kids!  Did you ever study music as a kid, and just love the idea of playing again someday? Why not make today your day, with your kids!  If you haven’t yet seen our DIY Music activites blog, check it out here!

So maybe you don’t go all out and make a piano rap with your kids, but maybe you do!  Check out a TED TALK music lecture with family, below!

Idea #1 – crank up some music and dance around.

Sure, it may seem silly but one idea for kids is to feel movement through music.  March Break 2019 ideas around dance can help you “shake it off”, just like Taylor Swift!  When you dance, think about it, because there is a lot going on such as:

  • body coordination to a rhythm
  • ability to hear repetition
  • movement is a good stress reliever

Feeling rhythm in your body is hard, and if you close your eyes it might help.  When you try to understand rhythm, start with listening to the music and trying to tap your finger as you listen.  Feel if your finger taps often, and at the same time.  Most songs have rhythm that is similar to a second on a clock, it happens in the same pace.

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Want to “shake it off” enroll for music?  Imagine, how liberated you feel if you didn’t have to waste time driving.  Our piano teachers come to your home.

March Break 2019 ideas for advanced piano students.

Maybe your thinking that the above activity is too easy for you, and that you want to make more challenging March Break 2019 ideas.

March Break 2019 ideas



Practice music with your kids, and sit with them while they do their homework too.  We surveyed students and they said that music practice was more fun when they were doing the activities with someone else.


Why don’t you sit with your child when they practice, and you can take notes! Because you are observing them as they play, they will be more productive with their time.


“I don’t want to practice alone, it’s not fun” – Julia, Feely Piano Hamilton Client


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