In 2019 January, I traveled to India with through the CIAP my Music Startup Piano Lessons company Feely Piano School.  Accompanied by my father Patrick Feely, music researcher, we studied the music economy in Mumbai. Here are some takeaways from our journeys.
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What were those key ups & downs that you went through during the phase of this transition from Piano Teacher to an Entrepreneur with music lesson startup company? Did insecurity scare you at the beginning with your Music Startup Piano Lessons ?


Oh man, every day is a roller coaster in the life of an entrepreneur.  I believe every entrepreneur will tell you that much.
I think one thing I’ve come to handle is insecurity, risk and fear of loss.  Hiring was for sure a bumpy road to travel while I was beginning, and shifting my role as a music teacher in many ways made me feel loss of self.  To abandon the role I knew and place it in the hands of another person as extremely fearful.  It felt like I was giving away my job, comfort and business with the hope someone would care as much as I did! Not so easy but we have had much success with our music lesson startup company.
Leaving my teacher self behind, my new job was created and modified daily as I constantly have to adapt and change myself for the needs of the business.  Riding the wave of daily live and having faith things would work out has been so hard, but also rewarding for my music lesson startup company.

Would I do it again?

Yes, of course!

I value the most difficult things in life- do you?

Who wants to live an easy life? – Charlie Bern, Patio Interactive

Although in the daily life of my trip to India there were occasional tears of frustration, difficulties sleeping, and inabilities to have free time, it was worth it.  I am a grateful person, but feel like I have so much more to be grateful for now with our music lesson startup company.


What is a difficult lesson you’ve learned?

The important lessons in life come in different shapes, sizes, and times.  What is something that you’ve learned, perhaps the hard way? Read our music lesson startup company entrepreneur music blog to find out more of our stories told.

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