Indian Music in Canada

Have you ever noticed there’s not a lot of sheet music for piano for  Indian Music in Canada for piano?  We’ve noticed a lack of Bollywood sheet music online, and a lack of structure to education with the Raga rhythm in general!

When we visited Mumbai we attended a guitar concert near the Queen’s Knecklace, and guess who was there? Yoyo ma on the Cello! We enjoyed the music of Mumbai, and found that the city was thriving and full of life.  We’re excited to return to meet more musicians in Mumbai.

Lessons Abroad: Feely Piano School Goes Global

Why did we travel to India?

Over the past 4 years so many of our Mississauga in home piano lesson students have suggested that they are interested in learning more Bollywood songs.  Next, we searched for quality piano sheet music Bollywood style, but we couldn’t find any!  We traveled to India to bring back Bollywood Raga styled curriculum so that we can teach it properly.

Check out our India video, here!

Want an online piano lesson?  Check out our new course, here!

The things I learned about India are indescribable, and now I see a new way my business can move forward.  It’s not easy waking up in a new country, but who wants an easy life anyways? -Emilee, Feely Piano Founder


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