How to set and achieve goals in music class

Goal setting doesn’t always come naturally, it requires effort and conscious focus.  In our music lessons, we train teachers to help students achieve goals. Teachers set intentions with what they and their students want to accomplish.

Here are some ways you can choose goals that are appropriate for you.


Self directed learning and goal setting

We have found that when students set their own goals, they are more excited to practice.  Check out our mindful journals here, to get an idea of what goals students often set.   Students can set goals that are involving a desired amount of time spent on the piano.  Or, perhaps students have a specific challenging measure of their song which they want to perform more accurately.  Also, an often goal is to memorize a song.

Our educational advisor Pat Feely always suggests that students benefit most when they “have small reachable goals that they can have success with, often”.  Small goals that are achieved over time can amount to many wins and self motivation increases.


Use Self Assessment in Lessons

In the same way that it is useful to set goals, using self assessment can also help students become more motivated. Ask yourself questions like “how could I have done that better” or “what did I do that time when I practiced, that I could improve on next time?”  Asking students questions about how they could improve, or what they did well is beneficial for awareness. Critical thinking can happen when a person considers how they achieved something and then they create a strategy to improve.

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Practice daily.

One of the most beneficial ways to solve the question “how to set and achieve goals in music class” is to have daily practice. When a student plays music every day it becomes a lifestyle, instead of a “have to”.  Feeling like practicing is a typical part of the day allows students to create a habit. When a habit is formed, it is like a muscle. The more we lift weights the stronger we become! Practicing every day guarantees improvement- we suggest 10-15 minutes at a time for beginners.

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