You don’t want to bug your kids to practice.

So, how do you keep your kids interested in practicing piano after the honeymoon phase is over?  Sometimes it’s hard for students to know just why they practice, although piano lessons have great benefit.

Here are some tips to keep piano lessons from getting boring, and to keep your kids Interested in Practicing Piano.


Tip #1 Change the type of homework often

There are many things that you can assign for homework in piano lessons including:

  • improvisationprintable piano lesson sheets
  • songwriting
  • theory activities
  • music analysis
  • sight reading
  • ear training
  • playing of new songs


Check out some of our printable piano lesson activity sheets, here!

Tip #2 – Theory apps as homework

Did you know that we encourage technology in our music lessons?  Sometimes screen time can take away from piano lessons but it can also be a unique way for students to practice reading music notes.  We suggest the app Rhythm Cat- Students love it!


Tip #3 Play Different Styles of Songs

Sometimes a change of scenery is helpful to encourage motivation.  Just in time for Valentines Day, why don’t you play some Love Songs?  Here’s a free pdf of Valentines Songs for Easy Piano.

Once my son started playing Sports Songs for piano, I saw that he practiced a lot more! –Sarah, Waterloo


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